Bass Trombone mouthpiece 5 A Large shank Jeunaturel Ergonomic rim


Jeunaturel wooden Bass Trombone mouthpiece 5 A large shank

This model offers an warm, deep tone and has a good projection.
The ergonomic rim is slightly curved in order to follow the shape of your lips so it provides a great comfort and it improves agility and high register.

Cup width 25,50mm /1,003 inches (bach 5G schilke 50 comparison )

A cup depth ( deep ) 34,60mm / 1,559inches

Throat size 7,0 mm 0,27inches ( medium opened)

Large shank (for bass trombones and large bore tenor trombones)

If the specifications of this model does not suit you ,you can ask for your own custom model to be made .The price will remain the same and every sizes and specifications are possible for all brass instruments.

Made from beech wood , an hard wood that have a very good mecanic resistance and provides great acoustic transmission ,the grain is fine and gives smooth surfaces .Wooden mouthpieces gives a mellower , more velvety timbre than the brass ones and the lip comfort is improved by the pleasant contact of the wood and the fact that it is nourished by a balm that hydrates your lips as you play .The touch feels softer and less slippery than a plated brass ,that improves the precision of your lip moves and gives you a better support ,therefore a better endurance.The whole mouthpiece has been tempered at hot temperature in beewax ,this protects and raincoats the wood deep inside , then on the surface a balm is applied to give you extra comfort .

Your mouthpiece comes with a tube of balm made from beewax and almond oil, it is designed to keep the surface of your mouthpiece well waxed .

It also comes with a pouch for transport and a caring instruction leaflet.

Handcrafted in france.

Pefc wood

Organic beewax and almond oil

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need .

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