Jeunaturel trumpet mouthpiece 7A E-rim


Shipping to United States: $7.00

Jeunaturel trumpet mouthpiece 7A E-rim

This model produces an warm and velvety tone, it is flexible in all registers.

Cup width 16,20 mm (bach 7 Schilke 8E comparison)

B cup depth 14,70mm 0.579inches (medium deep)

Throat size 3,9 mm 0,153inches (opened)

If this is not exactly the measurements you are looking for or if you prefer a different rim you can ask for your own custom model to be made, the price will remain the very same and you can customize everything.

Wooden mouthpieces gives a mellower, more velvety timbre than the brass ones and the lip comfort is improved by the pleasant contact of the wood and the fact that it is nourished by a balm that protect your lips. The touch feels softer and less slippery than a plated brass, that improves the precision of your lip moves and gives you a better support, therefore a better endurance.

The whole mouthpiece has been tempered in hot beewax, it protects and raincoats the wood deep inside, then on the surface a balm is applied to give you extra comfort .

Your mouthpiece comes with a balm made from beewax and almond oil, it is designed to keep the surface of your mouthpiece well waxed .
It also comes with a pouch for transport and a caring instructions leaflet.

Handmade in france.
Pefc certified wood (quality and ecologic standard)
Organic beewax and almond oil

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you need .

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